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Wordpress functions WooCommerce before and after add and remove actions

Tue. Apr. 09, 2024

Keywords: Wordpress, WooCommerce, Actions, Shop Loop

Interactive 3D web sites with Spline

Wed. Apr. 03, 2024

Keywords: Spline 3D

Javascript Game using Phaser IO

Sat. Mar. 23, 2024

Alarm Timer with Vanilla Javascript

Mon. Feb. 05, 2024

Keywords: Alarm Timer with Vanilla Javascript

Recent Graphic Design Development Tutorials:

Pathfinder: Vector Shapes Combined

Sun. Dec. 09, 2012

Keywords: Illustrator, Pathfinder

How to resize multiple images in Photoshop

Fri. Nov. 30, 2012

Keywords: Photoshop batch processing automation, Photoshop actions

Megapixels Explained

Thu. Jul. 15, 2010

Keywords: Megapixels, Canon Rebel D-SLR XT

How to design and setup a business card for print

Tue. Nov. 02, 2004

Keywords: business card, overprint, knockout

Recent Graphic Design Projects:

The Green Phial Cannabis Website Design and Wordpress Development

Tue. Apr. 09, 2024

Keywords: Wordpress, WooCommerce, Cannabis, Web Development, eCommerce

The Long Way I Came Podcast logo, photography, and song

Sun. Mar. 10, 2024

Keywords: Podcast, Logo, Logos, Acoustic Guitar, Song

Author logo and website design and development

Tue. Jan. 09, 2024

Keywords: Author, Website, BlueHost, Wordpress, Logos

Recent Work

Sun. Aug. 14, 2022

Keywords: North Port Sarasota Florida Family Photography Graphic Design

Recent Web Development Projects:


Wed. Jan. 08, 2020

Another eblast sample

Fri. Feb. 22, 2013

Keywords: eblast

Responsive Web App for a European municipality

Fri. Jun. 29, 2012

Keywords: Responsive, media queries

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