Variable Visions


Daniel Byrd has been a professional artist, developer and writer for over 20 years.

He started his career in the press room, while earning his certification in offset lithography, and graphic arts. He continued his education completing an AA degree focusing on the Arts, and History.

He earned his BA degree, with a focus in Fine Arts, while working as a web developer for the university. His older daughter is working on the same degree, at the same university, with some of the same professors.

After college, he worked his way through print shops, advertising agencies, publishing firms, Netsuite eCommerce firms, EdTech firms, and on to large social media channels, creating content.

He publishes most of his work, and tutorials, on his blog,

The site has been an ongoing project since 2002.

In his spare time, Daniel enjoys creating art, photography, and music.

He also enjoys working on cars, Linux servers, retro gaming, genealogy, and fighting the system.

Daniel is always looking for new freelance projects, and to learn something new!