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Decrypting a password in a Dreamweaver .ste file

Published Wed. Oct. 31, 2012

If you don't have your FTP password but have a Dreamweaver .set file, you can decode it using a simple javascript function and input fields.

I am working at a new company that has used Dreamweaver to build their web site. I have been using Coda for many years now and forgot about Go Live, I mean Dreamweaver since I last used it. Dreamweaver has its moments but I prefer a more simple text editor with secure FTP or WebDav connectivity.

The previous developer did leave the Dreamweaver Site files (.ste) so I could get Dreamweaver configured on my fresh installation machine. (You can export your site settings…Export/Backup my settings/OK/Save)

By simply opening the .ste file, Dreamweaver configured itself and added it as a Site.

But what if I want to use Coda?

Let’s try opening the .ste file in notepad to see what the code looks like.
It’s just simple XML….where I can see the http address, weburl, remoteroot, UN, and PW.



Keywords:.ste, decode, encode