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NetSuite Tag Variables in Themes PART:II

Published Mon. Dec. 17, 2012

Use php file_get_contents as the tag value to access on an external site.

I started using NetSuite tag variables inside of NetSuite themes in the previous article:

Use NetSuite Tag variable in your default theme as well as your custom html pages

Part 2 will allow us to use the same templates on an external site. The NetSuite theme uses the NetSuite tag variables and the external site pages use the php file_get_contents value of the NetSuite tag variable and they all point to the same piece of template code.

I thought first to use a php inlude but inlcludes will only work if the files are on the same server.


You'll need an addition to your .htaccess file if your files are .html and you wish them to process php without changing the file extensions.
Read the article about how to set up .html pages to process php here.

<? echo file_get_contents(''); ?>

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